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Education Certificate Verification

Our team of specialists obtains confirmation of any secondary, post-secondary, or graduate-level education, including dates of attendance, graduation status, degrees earned, major courses of study, and graduation dates.


Criminal Record Verification

Our team of experts will verify any past criminal records of the individual and will unfold if there if any.


Previous Employment Verification

Our team verifies current and previous employment history information supplied by the candidate by validating the provided company information and confirming dates of employment, position, the reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, as well as ending salary where available.


Professional License/ Certificate Verification

We authenticate the status of the certificate issued by the individual.


Personal or Professional Reference Verification

We evaluate your candidate's professional (and sometimes personal) job references to gather more details about themselves: their work history, job responsibilities, and performance.


Address Verification

We validate the address by running the address against an authoritative database and more related information about the specified address can be found.


Court Record Verification

We inspect various databases of the courts to reveal whether the individual has had any judgment/ conviction made against them.


Drug Test

To make certain that your candidate is drug-free, we provide you this drug test, the test can provide an absolute and definite result about the individual 


Exiting wrong Recruits in the Team

 If any existing employee who is under/Non performer or  wrong Recruit/Bad Behavior which leads to lose of productivity & Efficiency, which causes others to lose confidence. It will create a culture of Mediocrity, Indirectly makes good employees to leave. We/HR should identify those and activate our Tool to correct the situation of exiting the wrong Recruits..